Huai-Hsun(Burt) Lien

Amit Misra

Edward DeMille Campbell Collegiate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

G044 Lay Auto, 1231 Beal Ave
T: (734) 764-7799



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Ph.D. Student (2017-2021)

Current Position:

Apple Inc., CA, USA




Academic Training:

B.Sc. (2014), Materials Science and Engineering, National Tsing Hua University, Taiwan

M.Sc. (2017), Materials Science and Engineering, Cornell University, New York Area, USA

Short Bio:

  • Born and raised in Taipei, Taiwan. Lived briefly in Vancouver, Canada for 1.5 years during 5th and 6th grade before returning to Taiwan. I stayed and studied until I finished my conscription in July 2015 before coming to US for my master’s at Cornell University.
  • Experienced in various characterization techniques for 2D materials, such as XRD, AFM, Raman, Ellipsometry, Hall, etc. from my master’s. Capable of fabrication and characterization of OLED thin films from undergraduate experience. Lastly, I also worked on the effects of coenzyme Q10 on the LDL level in mice. To sum up, I have a little background in biology and polymers, some background in semiconductors.


  • Was a swim team member in my undergraduate, finished 15th in 1500m freestyle in my division in Taiwan National Intercollegiate Athletic Games 2014. I still enjoy swimming and swim regularly.
  • Was a ROC honor guard, guarded at Touliao Mausoleum and National Revolutionary Martyrs' Shrine.
  • I enjoy Sunday brunches, BBQ, and I love wings. 


Research Experiences:

  • Graduate Research Assistant, University of Michigan, Nanomechanics and Metallic Interfaces Group, November 2017- Present
  • Master’s Student, Cornell University, Xing Semiconductor Group, August 2015-August 2017

Thesis: Thermal Conductivity of Thin Film Niobium Diselenide from Temperature-Dependent Raman

Committee: Debdeep Jena, Huili Grace Xing

  •  Research Assistant, National Tsing Hua University, OLED Lab, September 2011- February 2013

Thesis: Evaluation of AZND1 to replace the original host (CBP) for FIrpic and Ir(ppy)3


Work Experiences:

  • MTC Advance Equipment Engineer Intern, TSMC, July 2017- August 2017

Project: Elemental and structural analysis of SCCM type electrostatic-chuck


  • PVD Process Engineer Intern, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, June 2016- August 2016

Project: The effectiveness of qual wafers for tool-chamber health monitoring


  • Undergraduate Student, Applied Materials, Inc. and NTHU, February 2014- June 2014

Project: Strained NMOS and PMOS with embedded source/drain stressor for enhanced transistor performance



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