Max Powers

Amit Misra

Edward DeMille Campbell Collegiate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering

G044 Lay Auto, 1231 Beal Ave
T: (734) 764-7799



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Ph.D. Student (2017-2021)

Current Position:

Apple Inc., CA, USA



Academic Training:

B.Sc., Material Science and Engineering (Course 3) with a minor in Political Science and History (Courses 17 and 21 respectively),  Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MA., USA



  • Born in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, but I went to high school in Western New York. I studied Material Science and Engineering for my undergraduate major and went to industry for a couple of years working on offshore oil rigs off the coast of Ciudad del Carmen, Mexico. Afterward, I decided to come to Michigan for graduate school.
  • I really enjoy hiking and doing things outdoors. I enjoy learning about different cultures and trying to speak Spanish. I also play rugby for the town team of Ann Arbor. 

Research Experience:

Some experience with SEM and characterization of photovoltaics, specifically cell performance and efficiency as well as characterizing the microstructures evolution after processing.