Qian Lei

Amit Misra

Edward DeMille Campbell Collegiate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering


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Postdoctoral Research Fellow (2015-2018)

Current Position:

Associate Professor, Powder Metallurgy Research Institute, State Key Laboratory For Powder Metallurgy, Central South University, China

Email: leiqian@csu.edu.cn

Academic Training:


B.S. (2007), Materials PhysicsCentral South  University, Changsha. China


M.S. (2009), Materials Chemistry and Physics, Central South University, Changsha. China


Ph.D. (2014), Materials Science and Engineering, Central South University, Changsha. China


I have received my Bachelor degree in Materials Physics in 2007, Master degree in Materials Chemistry and Physics in 2009, and Philosophy degree in Materials Science and Engineering in 2014, from Central South University in Changsha. China. After one year visiting scholar period in RWTH-Aachen University in Germany (2013-2014), I joined Prof. Misra’s group as a research fellow from 2015. My researches focus on the metallic materials, including Cu-, Al-, Mg-, and Ni-based alloys. My research experience is ranging from the materials composition design to the melting and casting, thermomechanical heat treatment, microstructure characterization (including XRD, SEM, EBSD, TEM, XPS, STEM), properties measurements (including electrical conductivity measurement, Vickers hardness test, nanoindentation, tensile test at high and room temperature, micro-/nano pillar compression, stress relation rate), corrosion, creep, fatigue, and et al.

Current Research:

  • Laser-processed Fine-scale Eutectic Composites

  • Failure behavior of industrial profiles during forming

  • High strength high ductility metallic structural materials


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