Brian Love


2046 H.H. Dow
T: (734) 763-2013





Functional Polymer Materials Laboratory

Location: Ann Arbor

The functional polymer materials laboratory is focused on several themes. The laboratory has functional photosensitive detection measurment tools including a TA Instruments ARES photorheometer and a TA Instruments Q-2000 photo differential scanning calorimetry. Both units can be adapted for use in conventional measurements as well. We have also acquired a LUM LUMIsizer analytical centifuge which is a coupled unit capable of analyzing turbidity in dispersions while undergoing simultaneous centrifugation. The unit has 12 ports allowing for multiple measurements as a function of rotational speed and time. The unit is a mid-grade centrifuge with rotational speeds up to 4000rpm which corresponds to 2300g. The rest of the laboratory is equipped for synthesis, processing, and design-build-test based projects. Outside of the laboratory and within Ann Arbor, we collaborate with other PI's for securing access to dynamic light scattering. We also use three user-laboratories including the Electron microbeam analysis laboratory, EMAL, the x-eray microanalysis laboratory XMAL and the Van Vlack undergraduate laboratory, VVUL. Outside of the laboratoru and outside of Ann Arbor, we also make use of both Brookhaven and Argonne National Laboratories for synchrotron-based x-ray scattering measurements. We compete through the general users programs and commonly secure as much as 3 weeks of beam time per year. As a result, we spend some of our time traveling to both Chicago and Long Island for dedicated experiments which are done in blocks and often supported by other students who help out to cover 24 hour access, particularly at Argonne. We have three themes relating to our work using SAXS, including our efforts to measure colloidal crystal formation and short range ordering of amphphilic block-copolymer solutions, photosensitive-dispersions incorporating laponite clay particles, and denaturing of a range of amyloid proteins including insulin and a-synuclein.