Jinsang Kim



133N NCRC, Building 26

T: (734) 936-4681






Research Facilities

150W Oriel Solar Simulator
Location: NCRC 26-114N
Provides simulated sun light for organic photovoltaic cell characterization.
Differential Scanning Calorimetry, DSC7
Location: NCRC 26-120N
DSC analysis is used for measuring thermal transitions, such as melting point (Tm) and glass transition temperature (Tg), in a range of materials.
Fluorescence spectrophotometer, QM4
Location: NCRC 26-120N
Fluorometer analyzes the fluorescent or phosphorescent properties of materials. This machine is also equipped with an integrating sphere, which can calculate a quantum efficiency.
Gel Permeation Chromatography, Waters 150
Location: NCRC 26-114N
Measures molecular weight and its distribution from monitoring refractive index.
Langmuir-Blodgett Trough, Nima 112D
Location: NCRC 26-120N
This micro Langmuir-Blodgett trough is designed for the deposition of LB layers by conventional vertical or horizontal dipping onto small substrates.
Thermomechanical anlysis, TMA7
Location: NCRC 26-120N
Measures thermomechanical properties such as softening point and glass transition temperature of polymeric materials.
UV/Vis spectrometer Cary UV50
Location: NCRC 26-114N
Measures UV/Vis absorption of solutions and transparent films.
PTI TimeMaster Fluorescence Lifetime Spectrometer
Location: NCRC 26-120N
The TimeMaster's pulsed nitrogen laser and strobic detector can measure fluorescent lifetimes in the ns and sub-ns range. The laser can be tuned with interchangeable dyes and an equipped frequency doubler allows for excitation wavelengths below 300 nm.
Glove box with integrated spin coater, MBraun
Location: NCRC 26-114N
Glove box provides inert condition to handle oxygen sensitive chemicals. Spincasting for oxygen sensitive device fabrication or chemical reactions can be done in the glove box under inert condition MBraun Website: http://mbraunusa.com/