Emmanouil (Manos) Kioupakis

Associate Professor


2106 HH Dow

T: (734) 764-3321





Research Group

Graduate Students
Dylan J. Bayerl
Email: bayerl@umich.edu

My research applies computational condensed matter physics to study optoelectronic phenomena in novel material systems for renewable energy applications.

Dillon Kipke
Email: ddkipke@umich.edu

Materials Science and Engineering, University of Michigan

Jihang Lee
Email: jihang@umich.edu

I am studying about resistive switching memory from first principle.

Andrew McAllister
Email: mcala@umich.edu

I study quantum processes such as radiative and Auger recombination in semiconducting materials and nanostructures using first principles computational methods.

Guangsha Shi
Email: guangsha@umich.edu

My research focuses on the first-principles study of materials’ thermoelectric and photovoltaic properties.