John William Halloran

Professor Emeritus

2010 HH Dow
T: (734) 763-1051






HECAM: Hydrogen Energy with Carbon Materials

HECAM is the novel concept of pyrolyzing hydrocarbonfuels to produce hydrogen fuel and carbon materials,without generating CO2. Pyrolysis is the applicationof heat in the absence of oxygen. No oxidation orcombustion occurs; therefore it is CO2-free. Pollutinghydrocarbons fuels are converted into clean hydrogen fuel. The abundant amounts of carbon generated areprocessed into useful and valuable materials. HECAMalso proposes the sequestration of carbon into soil.The carbon-rich soil fertilizer enhances crop's yieldsand atmospheric CO2 consumption. Research is underway to study the scientific,technical, and economical feasibility of the HECAM concept.