John William Halloran

Professor Emeritus

2010 HH Dow
T: (734) 763-1051






Integrally Cored Ceramic Molds fabricated by Ceramic Stereolithography (Cer-SL)

Collaborators: Honeywell, PCC
Sponsor: ONR, Honeywell
Ceramic stereolithography (Cer-SL) builds ceramic green objects from CAD files from many thin liquid layers of powder in monomer, which are solidified by polymerization with a UV laser, thereby ÒwritingÓ the design for each slice. Since it is possible to directly build ceramic green bodies, it has several advantages such as saving lead-time and costs by eliminating pattern production and removing the risk of core motion than conventional investment casting. In this research, ceramic stereolithography is being used to directly build model investment casting molds for airfoils, where the shell is integrated with the core.