Steven Yalisove


2146B H.H. Dow
T: (734) 764-4346






18KW Rotating Anode X-ray Source, 4-Circle Goniometer, Inel Position Sensitive Detector

Location: 1174 GG Brown

An 18KW rotating anode x-ray source is available for x-ray scattering experiments. This facility is capable of delivering a line source to the Denton Sputtering System as well as to a point source aimed towards a Huber 4-circle goniometer. Scintillation detectors or an Inel position sensitive wire detector may be used to collect scattered photons.

To perform structure analysis during sputter film growth, the anode housing is rotated so that a secondary shutter is aligned to direct the line source at a ~2° incidence angle to a growing film at the center of a con-focal geometry sputter deposition system. The x-ray beam is passed through a Be window as it enters the vacuum chamber. The x-rays scatter from a growing film and exit the chamber through a long and narrow Be window in the opposite side of the chamber. The position sensitive detector collects the entire diffraction pattern in about a second permitting the evolution of the growing film structure to be dynamically measured.