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AVS-Pillar Vacuum Induction Furnace

Location 2231 HH Dow

Sahar Farjami



Custom vacuum furnace for melting/casting of up to 15 pounds of material. Operation up to 1800°C with approximately 15 minute melt time. Vacuum pressures of up to 10-5 Torr with diffusion pump. Multiple casting molds can be placed on the internal rotary table for efficient sample production. Temperature probe, slag breaker, and sample spoon installed on outer shell for internal use.


Model: VIM-15

Vacuum system: Furnace vacuum is provided by a mechanical vacuum pumping system consisting of a rough pump and a diffusion pump.

Chamber backfill system: The furnace is equipped with a backfill valve for releasing the connected Argon gas into the furnace, allowing from vacuum to 14 PSIG. 

Chamber vacuum level: Microns to 1000 Torr 

Max temperature: 1500 C

Thermocouple: B-type

Crucible size: Cylinder of 5 inch in dimeter and 10 inch in height