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Location 2224 HH Dow

Sahar Farjami



Scanning electron microscope for secondary and backscatter imaging and EDS elemental analysis/mapping.  Voltage range 500V to 30 kV, resolution better than 5nm under ideal conditions, motorized 5-axis stage.  Beginner-friendly interface includes automatic focus, stigmation, and contrast/brightness options.  Low vacuum mode available for imaging weakly conducting specimens without sputter coating.


Electron gun: Schottky field-emission gun, LaB6 cathode

Accelerating voltage: 0.5 - 30 kV

Vacuum system: Turbo molecular pump (TMP) and two-rotary pumps (RP)


High Vacuum Mode
1.5 nm (accelerating voltage 30 kV, WD 5 mm, secondary electron image)

4.0 nm (accelerating voltage 1 kV, WD 5 mm, secondary electron image)

Analysis performance
3.0 nm (accelerating voltage 15 kV, WD 10 mm, probe current 1 nA, secondary electron image)

Low Vacuum Mode
1.8 nm (accelerating voltage 15 kV, WD 5 mm, specimen chamber pressure 10 Pa backscattered electron image)

Photo magnification: x5 - x600,000

Probe current: 1 pA - 20 nA at 30 kV

Pressure control range in specimen chamber: 10 - 150 Pa

Objective aperture: 4 steps switchable (20 μmφ, 40 μmφ, 60 μmφ, 100 μmφ)

Detector: Secondary electron detector (E.T. detector) and backscattered electron detector (Semiconductor detector)

Specimen movement: 5 axes (X, Y, Z, R, T) motorized and controlled by CPU

Specimen movement range:

X direction: 125 mm
Y direction: 100 mm
Z direction: Moving range of eucentric plane WD 5-80 mm (focus range WD 4-48 mm)

Tilt: -10°- 90°, Tilt limit depends on the specimen size

Rotation: 360°endless

Maximum specimen size:

8 inch = 203.2 mmΦ mountable

7 inch = 177.8 mmΦ whole area observable (using R axis rotation)

Maximum specimen loading capacity: 2 kg (tilt is not available for the specimen over 1 kg)

A built-in energy-dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDS) enables fast and high-accuracy analysis using a dry SD (silicon-drift) detector.