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MSE courses

MSE193 Special Topics in Materials Science and Engineering
MSE220 Introduction to Materials and Manufacturing 
MSE242 Physics of Materials Manos Kioupakis
MSE250 Principles of Engineering Materials
MSE280 Materials Science and Engineering Undergraduate Research Opportunity
MSE330 Thermodynamics of Materials
MSE335 Kinetics and Transport in Materials Engineering Emmanuelle Marquis
MSE350 Structures of Materials
MSE360 Materials Lab I
MSE365 Materials Laboratory II Tim Chambers
MSE400 Electronic, Magnetic, and Optical Materials for Modern Device Technology

Design and Applications of Biomaterials

Geeta Mehta
MSE412 Polymeric Materials
MSE420 Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MSE440 Ceramic Materials Ferdinand Poudeau
MSE454 Computational Approaches in MSE
MSE465 Structural and Chemical Characterization of Materials Robert Hovden
MSE470 Physical Metallurgy
MSE480 Materials and Engineering Design Alan I. Taub
MSE489 Materials Processing Design
MSE490 Research Problems in Materials Science and Engineering
MSE493 Special Topics Max Shtein

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