J. Wayne Jones

Professor Emeritus


2022 Gerstacker

T: (734) 764-7503






Research Facilities

Creep Laboratory
Location: 1036 Gerstacker
The creep frames are used to characterize the elevated temperature behavior of structural alloys.
Liquid metal cooling furnace
Location: 1019 Gerstacker
This furnace is used to study the solidification characteristics of small quantities of alloys. This includes work in examining solidifcation paths, microsegregation analysis, and producing specimens for microstructural analyis.
MTS servohydraulic fatigue setup
Location: 1032 Gerstacker
This machine is used for conventional fatigue testing at frequencies of ranging from 10-40 Hz. The box furnace shown in the image allows for testing materials at elevated temperatures of up to 250C.
Ultrasonic freqeuncy fatigue testing machine
Location: 1032 Gerstacker
The fatigue testing apparatus is capable of testing at frequencies of up to 20 kHz. We have also developed the ability to test at temperature up to 1000 C and positive mean stresses. A novel technique to introduce defects and measure crack growth rates has been developed as well.