J. Wayne Jones

Professor Emeritus


2022 Gerstacker

T: (734) 764-7503






Research Group

Research Staff
Raghavendra Adharapurapu
Email: araghav@umich.edu
Liu Liu
Email: liuliuz@umich.edu
Xiaoxia Zhu
Email: zhux@umich.edu

Graduate Students
Sinsar Hsie
Email: sahsie@umich.edu
Michael Kimiecik
Email: mkimieci@umich.edu
Alfred Okello
Email: aokello@umich.edu
Akane Suzuki
Email: akanes@umich.edu

Dr. Suzuki's research is on the microstructure and high temperature mechanical properties of magnesium alloys, especially in Mg-Al-Ca based alloy systems. The Mg-Al-Ca based alloys are promising as high creep-resistant structural materials for powertrain components of automobiles, but fundamental research has been needed for further alloy improvement. She is investigating solidification path, phase equilibria, phase transformation and creep. This research is part of an effort to improve the fundamental aspects of Mg alloy design. (Supported as a Focused Research Group by the National Science Foundation with research collaborations at the University of Wisconsin and Ford Motor Company)