J. Wayne Jones

Professor Emeritus


2022 Gerstacker
T: (734) 764-7503






Creep, Bolt Load Retention (BLR) and Microstructural Analysis of Mg Alloys for Automotive Powertrain Applications

Sponsor: USCAR (DOE)
This new project addresses the creep and bolt load retention (BLR) behavior of high temperature magnesium alloys intended for automotive power train applications. While creep and BLR are the most important mechanical properties for these applications, most characterization and subsequent ranking of Mg alloys for high volume automotive applications is, by necessity, highly empirical. The dependence of creep and BLR on composition and, more importantly, microstructure are not defined sufficiently to provide efficient pathways for design of new alloys optimized for automotive applications or selection and long-term use of existing alloys. This program will address these shortcomings by developing a database of BLR behavior for candidate Mg alloys. An automated BLR data acquisition system, developed and used successfully at the University of Michigan is being used to examine both static and cyclic (temperature and preload) conditions. Models will be derived from the accumulated data, to predict long term BLR behavior. Mechanisms of creep deformation are also being examined by transmission electron microscopy of crept samples from the existing USAMP archives, with the goal of determining the importance of interdendritic/grain boundary microstructures on creep performance.