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Rebecca Cohn

Packaging Research & Development Engineer I, 
General Mills, Minneapolis, Minn. 



B.S.E. (Materials Science and Engineering), University of Michigan, 2017

Employment history

General Mills Aug. 2018 – Present Packaging Research & Development Engineer I
Support Old El Paso global packaging for innovation, renovation, & holistic margin management projects 

3M May 2017—Aug. 2017 Adhesives R&D Intern – Corporate Research Materials Laboratory 

Warsaw University of Technology June 2016—July 2016 Bone Tissue Engineering Intern

General Mills June 2015—Aug. 2015 Thermal Process Packaging R&D Intern

Honors and Awards

College of Engineering Dean’s List, F13, W14, F15, W17, F17
Student Leaders and Honors Distinguished Achievement Award, 2017
CEDO ScholarPOWER Student Academic Achievement Award, 2014, 2015 & 2016

How did your MSE degree prepare you for your career?

My MSE degree gave me a background understanding of engineering principles, material properties, and the testing available to investigate specific characteristics of a material. This information has helped me in my career because I work with food packaging and the material substrates used is critically important for food/package interactions, manufacturability, and barrier properties that ensure food quality and shelf life.

What were your favorite classes, events, and/or student organizations?

I actually loved taking Orgo, MSE 242 (quantum) & MSE 330 (thermo) – passionate professors and a great group of MSE friends made these classes some of the highlights in my undergrad. Favorite events: my first football game at the Big House - Norte Dame game 2013 under the lights (we won!), and the SWE-TBP Fall Engineering Career Fairs – I loved everything about CF season and was on the planning committee (chair or director) for 3 years. My favorite student organization was SWE – I loved the variety of events, things they did on campus and in the community, and the friends I made there.

What advice/thoughts do you have for students considering an MSE major?

Embrace the large scope of subjects/materials you can study in MSE. One of the strengths of this major is how many different things you can learn about and ways to apply your engineering skill set. If you don’t love the heavy research or theory of some of the required classes, don’t worry – you can find an engineering job that doesn’t involve the deep technical details of college classes, but having a basic materials background really elevates your ability to do your job. Also, if you love learning more technical information on a specific material, there are careers for you – maybe its in academia (after a masters or PhD) or a job at a national lab, etc. Use internships/summer positions as a way to experience different work environments, industries, and really understand what career path interests you the most. 

What do you like to do outside of work?

Biking around the lakes, kayaking and paddle boarding, hiking, playing with my dog, and trying out new recipes for my friends. 

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