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Timothy Chan

Materials and Processes Engineer, Northrop Grumman,
Los Angeles, CA



B.S.E. (Materials Science and Engineering), University of Michigan, 2016
M.S.E. (Materials Science and Engineering), University of Michigan, 2017

Employment history

Materials and Processes Engineer, Northrop Grumman, Los Angeles, 2018 - present
Perform research and development of materials and processes to be used in next-generation aircraft

Supplier Development Engineer - Special Processes, SpaceX, 2017-2018, Los Angeles 
Oversaw the performance, quality, and improvement of all SpaceX suppliers handling metallurgical treatment

Honors and Awards

Dean's Honor List (W'14, F'14, W'15, W'16)
University Honors, W'14, F'14, W'15
Michigan Materials Society Anvil Award, 2016
Materials Science and Engineering Department Distinguished Achievement Award, 2016
Jack J. Heller Memorial Engineering Scholarship, 2015
Michigan Marching Band Stout Family Scholarship, 2015

How did your MSE degrees prepare you for your career?

The field of materials science and engineering is incredibly broad with many avenues for exploration. My MSE degrees taught me the fundamentals of the discipline and were paramount in acquiring the skills necessary to understand and dive deep into any new problem or topic that may come my way at work.

What were your favorite classes, events, and/or student organizations?

During my time at Michigan, I actively participated in the Michigan Materials Society, BLUELab, and the Michigan Marching Band. All three of these organizations were filled with fantastic students, faculty, and staff. I would not be who I am today if it weren't for the guidance, support, and community that these organizations provided.

What advice/thoughts do you have for students considering an MSE major?

As an MSE major, you'll have an opportunity for the inner scientist in you to grow, exploring and understanding how and why the materials of our world behave the way they do. You'll then be able to take this knowledge and apply it to reality, engineering next-generation materials that will make up the world of tomorrow. If you're a scientist at your core, this is the field for you.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Outside of work, I'm currently training for my second marathon, I play violin in the Los Angeles Doctors Symphony Orchestra, I'm a member of the Northrop Grumman Dragon Boat team, and am always seeking to perfect my sourdough recipe.

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