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2094 H.H. Dow Building

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Research Facilities


Research Facilities

Molecular Beam Epitaxy Laboratory
Location: B115 Gerstacker

The Goldman Group MBE Laboratory contains a modular all-in-situ molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) - scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) - focused ion beam (FIB) system consisting of three interconnected MBE systems dedicated to III-As-N-Bi, III-V-N (i.e. As-free), and transition metal III-Vs.  Each of the MBE systems are outfitted with in-situ characterization tools including reflection high-energy electron diffraction, optical pyrometry, multi-beam optical stress sensing and reflection mass spectroscopy. Within the multi-chamber system, there is an Omicron Associates ultra-high vacuum large-sample STM, with in-situ tip annealing as needed for accurate STS measurements, and an FEI UHV FIB, for all-in-situ sample fabrication. 

Scanning Probe Microscopy Laboratory
Location: SB225 Randall

In the Goldman Group Scanning Probe Microscopy Laboratory, we have two ultra-high vacuum scanning probe microscope systems, both configured for cross-sectional scanning tunneling microscopy (STM) and scanning tunneling spectroscopy, including a Park Scientific Instruments room-temperature system, configured for scanning thermoelectric microscopy (SThEM) and an Omicron Associates variable-temperature system capable of real-time electron diffraction and STM studies during deposition.

Electrical Characterization Facilities
Location: 2105A HH Dow

Our electrical characterization facilities include a fixed-field Hall and Resistivity set-up (B=0.1 Tesla).  In addition, two Edwards thermal evaporation systems for n- and p-type contact deposition, a Hewlett-Packard Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer, a Kulike and Soffa Wire Bonder, and a Bio-Rad contact annealing station are available.

Michigan Center for Materials Characterization (MC)^2
Location: NCRC BLDG 22 - G010

The Michigan Center for Materials Characterization (MC)^2 is a user-facility that provides a broad spectrum of analytical and nano-mechanical testing equipment. Of particular interest for this program are the electron microscopes. A high-resolution transmission electron microscope (JEOL JEM-3011UHR) provides 0.14 nm lattice and 0.175 nm point-to-point resolution, and an analytical electron microscope (JEOL 2010F) provides 0.1 nm lattice and 0.25 nm point-to-point resolution. The JEOL 2010F is also equipped with x-ray dispersive spectroscopy and parallel electron energy-loss spectroscopy. FEI Nova 200 Nanolab dualbeam focussed ion beam workstation and scanning electron microscope integrates ion and electron beams for FIB and SEM functionality in one machine. Users can switch between the two beams for quick and accurate navigation and milling. Convergence of the SEM and FIB at short working distance allows precision “slice-and-view” cross-sectioning and analysis at high resolution. Also, an atomic force microscope (Veeco Dimension Icon Atomic Force Microscope), capable of contact and tapping mode AFM, STM, MFM, is available in (MC)^2. See website for more details: https://mc2.engin.umich.edu

Ion Beam Laboratory
Location: 120 NAME
The Ion Beam Laboratory has facilities for Rutherford backscattering spectrometry, ion channeling, nuclear reaction analysis, elastic recoil detection, and ion implantation over a large energy range (1 ke V to 5 Me V). See website for more details: http://www.engin.umich.edu/dept/nuclear/research/Mibl/index.html