Dr. Myungkoo Kang

Rachel S. Goldman

Maria Goeppert Mayer Collegiate Professor


2094 H.H. Dow
T: (734) 647-6821




Research Facilities


B Eng. Seoul Natl. Univ., 2/2006
M Eng. Seoul Natl. Univ. 2/0008

Myungkoo Kang received his BS and MS degrees in MSE from Seoul National University, and his PhD in MSE from the University of Michigan. His thesis research involved a combined experimental-computation study of focused ion beam-induced novel plasmonic nanoparticles on compound semiconductor surfaces. As a post-doctoral research fellow at the University of Michigan, he developed a novel process combining focused ion beam and biochemical characterization with an aim to gain further insight into the ion irradiation-controlled modification of DNA arrays for DNA arrays-based dark matter detectors. He continued his academic career as a post-doctoral research fellow at Pennsylvania State University where he demonstrated a new laser exposure-based process for gradient refractive index fabrication using multicomponent Ge-As-Se-Pb systems that provides an opportunity for next generation mid-wavelength infrared lenses. He is currently a research associate at the University of Central Florida where his research interests include developing conformally-coated chalcogenide films on flexible substrates and their optical switching behavior upon phase change.